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Do you want to be in control of what and when you eat?

Did you know that only 5-7% of diets work long term?

Hypnotherapy for Easy Weight Loss is a system which has proven to be successful 70% of the time, long term. This very successful system was developed and perfected over years by Paul McKenna, a leading figure in lasting weight loss. Lisa was trained by June O’Driscoll who regularly assists Paul on his weight loss seminars worldwide and was trained by Paul McKenna himself to use these life changing techniques.

The Session

In one 3-4 hour breakthrough session you will learn the principles of the easy weight loss programme which will make you change the way you think about food forever.
During the session we will look at cravings, emotional eating, self – sabotage, changing unwanted habits and more.
You will learn powerful, motivational strategies such as:
• Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques
• Emotional Freedom Techniques (eft).
• 4 Golden Rules to Success.

Powerful Hypnosis is used to programme in all that we have covered during the session enabling you to feel empowered and confident to make the positive changes you desire.

At the end of the session you will get a free gift and a Hypnosis recording to take away and listen to in the comfort of your own home.

The fee for the Breakthrough session is £175.

You can upgrade your Programme to include one hours Nutritional Advice from Karen Newby of The Kitchen Pharmacy. Karen will advise you nutrition and will set you up with a menu planner to really set you on a path to eat yourself well.
The fee for this package is £275.

If you want additional on-going support my session fee of £55 applies.

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Copyright by My New Perspective. All rights reserved.

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