HypnotherapyWhy Do You Procrastinate

Do you ever have those days when you put things off? Maybe you have periods of time where you find it hard to motivate yourself to do those things that really need your attention?

I don’t enjoy doing my accounts, numbers just don’t excite me at all and if left to my own procrastination I would find anything to take my attention away from doing them.  I use NLP to help me to change the way I feel about the things that I’m not so keen on. It helps me to get things done.

Close your eyes.Think about something you love doing. Notice where the image or thought pops up in your head. Try this out on a few different thinks that you enjoy. Now think about things that you don’t enjoy, notice where that image pops up. It is usually in a different place or side of your head. Now think about the thing you don’t like doing, but need to get done. Move it to the other side, where the image of the things that you do like doing pops up. Notice how you feel about it now.

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Copyright by My New Perspective. All rights reserved.

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