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Perimenopause……(Peri – Greek for around or near)
I didn’t think I would be writing about the perimenopause yet.
It sounds like menopause, and menopause is for old women .. right?
In my head I am still in my 30’s, but in reality I will be 47 in June!
Having spoken to friends and colleagues of similar age I was shocked to realise that I am in this ‘transitional phase’ where I am ‘nearing’ the menopause.

I am not alone. Why is the menopause still not really spoken about? And if the menopause is a taboo, then Perimenopause must be a taboo within in a taboo, because no one, even menopausal women, seem to really know what it is, let alone discuss it!!
Why are we not more open about this last of the taboos? Why is there not more support for perimenopausal women?
Now I know what it is I can start to understand why for some months now I have been more forgetful (as a working mum with 2 kids and 2 dogs it’s easy to forget some things!); why some months I feel low or irritable; why my very regular, fairly light 28 day cycle is sometimes 23 days, sometimes 26, sometimes 30 days and is a fair bit heavier; and why my confidence has taken a dip.
Looking into perimenopause and then the menopause I find out this could go on for years!! Oh Joy!!! Surely I should be embracing this new phase or chapter in my life. But how do you celebrate the last of the female taboos?

I want to smash this last taboo of womanhood. I am not going to sit back and let the menopause and the negative side effects control me.

I am going to take control!

I approached childbirth wanting to be in control, to have a calm and positive experience so I did a Hypnobirthing class with my Husband and had two amazing, life changing births. I have decided to take this angry bull by the horns and start by getting a focus group together. We will start by talking about how we feel and what kind of support we need and what is available.
Who is in…????

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Copyright by My New Perspective. All rights reserved.

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