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Sound and sensible advise from our MP Peter Kyle.
If you are finding it hard to remain calm there are several things you can do to help your mental health and well being:
Get out in Nature, we live in a beautiful (albeit wet and windy!) country. We have the beach and the South Downs on our doorstep. Get out there.
Meditate. Meditation and mindfulness are proven to help mental health and well being.
Breathe!!! By this I mean deep, parasympathetic breathing really filling your lungs and tummy. Breath out with a loud sigh. This releases any toxins and negativity stuck in your tummy.
Cross Crawl. Touch your opposite hand to opposite leg whilst walking or dancing around. This releases stress that gets stuck in one side of your brain.
Eat lots of fruit, vegetables and plant based foods. I went to an interesting Gut Health workshop recently with Fran Taylor. If you eat 30 plus plant based foods a week you improve your gut micro biome. Having a healthy gut, improves your immune system and mental health and well being. Carol Knott and Karen Newby are 2 amazing local nutritionists who can advise further on this.
I wish you all a happy and healthy weekend ahead xxx

An Update on Coronavirus

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